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Spreading the Better Word (Posted 11/23/10)

Do you live in Pittsburgh or, the home of the infamous Mothman, Point Pleasant? Do you live in a city with public transport? Perhaps a city with a 500 bus? Most importantly, do you love Owl House?
Then I have somewhat of a proposition for you! You see, I'd like you to do me a little favor. I made this flier you see, and although I can do my best to distribute them, I doubt I can really do a very effective job. So, perhaps, if you would be so kind, could you distribute them as well? The steps to doing so are quite simple. Observe;

1) Download the PDF at the bottom of this post.
2) PRINT as many of them as you possibly can.
3) Cut those little tabs with a pair of SCISSORS. (This Step is Optional)
4) Acquire TAPE. (Or in certain cases, a STAPLER) 5) Use the TAPE to apply the FLIERS everywhere. Everywhere that isn't ILLEGAL.

Follow these simple steps and you will pretty much be my bestest friends. BUT, I almost forgot, the flier. It is here. Below. Look at it, enjoy it. Share it.

Hope you all have some happy holidays!
With Love, Alex


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